GraveArt 2018 Calendar A3

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Lieferumfang: 1 GraveArt Kalender für das Jahr 2018 in Din A3. 250g Papier.
Material: Kalenderblätter 100% Papier. Wire-O-Spiralbindung: 100% Metall
Farbe: Bunt.

Scope of supply: 1 GraveArt Calendar for the year 2018 in Din A3. 250g paper.
Material: Calendarpages 100% Paper. Wire-O-Spiralbinding 100% metal.
Colour: colored

GraveArt - that is modern, fascinating and extravagant art, that is brutal, morbid and scarily beautiful at the same time. This independent fashion is not for the faint of heart and spreads across the metal and gothic scene like wildfire. The fanbase couldn"t be broader!